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If you do any type of mixed martial arts, you know about the debate between wearing mma gloves and bare knuckles. Gloves bring another element to each match that fighters have to adjust for if they are not used to wearing them. Even within the sport, different types of gloves exist. MMA gloves differ from Muay Thai gloves in several key ways. Obviously, the latter are recommended for people who follow that particular martial art. When it comes to deciding which ones to buy, however, you cannot just choose based on style of fighting.

Add Power and Protection with MMA Gloves or Grappling Gloves

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the largest mixed martial arts competitions in the world. If you are into the sport, you have probably watched it every year since its inception in 1993. Over the years, regulations change, and so does the gear they require.

Gloves are a must, and UFC guidelines push for greater hand and wrist protection without compromising power. They became mandatory in 1997. Now, wearing gloves in non-championship bouts makes sense, too.

Find the Right UFC Gloves For Your Fighting Style

Everyone fights differently, and the type of MMA gloves you choose should reflect your style and power. Of course, fitting your hand matters most of all. Considerations like finger coverage and padding come next.

Size – The top brands offer multiple sizes to suit every hand. Buy them snug but not excessively tight. The last thing you want is numb fingers or your glove sliding off when you try a grapple.

Quality – Most UFC gloves are made from leather or synthetic materials that simulate leather. Get the best quality you can afford from the start, and they will last you years.

Fingers or Fingerless – Boxing and Muay Thai gloves may cover fingers completely. Some MMA gloves specifically to train striking have heavily padded tops with finger slots well-protected underneath. Competition style gloves are fingerless so nothing gets in the way of your best moves. You cannot change your gloves mid-fight, of course, so choosing only striking gloves might be a dangerous idea.

Padding and Support – Knuckles, fingers, back of the hand, palm, and especially the wrist need padding of some type if you want to avoid broken bones. There are no guarantees in mixed martial arts, of course, but the right gloves plus the best technique can go a long way to keeping you in the fight and not out with a hand injury.

How Muay Thai Gloves Differ

Boxing gloves have knuckle padding, protected thumbs, and feel like two big, rigid masses covering your hands. MMA gloves have less padding, primarily fingerless design, and are much more flexible. Muay Thai gloves fall somewhere in the middle. This particular type of martial arts uses a variety of moves, and the gloves are used for striking and blocking fists, elbows, and kicks. The thumbs can separate for grabbing.

If you’re into MMA or Muay Thai, whether you’re just starting out of refreshing your gear after a few years practice and competition, start with the gloves.

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