Schaub: Velasquez Will Take Steroids In WWE

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Now that former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, has officially retired from mixed martial arts (MMA), he’s no longer required to submit drug-testing samples to United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

That means the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) product could, if he wanted to, rely on performance-enhancing drug (PEDs) to aid in his training and recovery. Velasquez could also default to other previously-banned substances to help combat his history of debilitating injuries.

Which is practically a requisite in professional wrestling, according to former UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub, who broke the bad news to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans on his recent “Below the Belt” podcast.

“I hate to do this, but WWE fans, every single one of your favorite wrestlers is on steroids,” Schaub said (via MMA News). “If you’re gonna play ball, you gotta get dirty. And that’s just part of the game. Why wouldn’t you be? Who gives a fuck? Why wouldn’t you be? Your favorite Hollywood actor, probably on PEDs. There’s no difference between what they’re doing and what Hollywood’s doing. If you get a call to be Batman, you better juice the fuck up and be Bruce Wayne. What are you doing? No one actually looks like Bruce Wayne.”

I guess Schaub never saw the Adam West or Michael Keaton versions of Batman because at that age, pretty much everyone looks like Bruce Wayne. Heck, even Christian Bale had a relatively average physique for his run under the Christopher Nolan-led films.

“If you’re doing WWE, juice the fuck up,” Schaub said. “Look like a superhero. You’re on the road 300 days a year, especially with Cain and his injuries, good for him, man. We’ll see what’s up because he’s never been like jacked. If he gets fucking Nacho Libre and just fucking shred city, that’d be so dope. But also him getting out of the USADA testing pool, no shit dude. If you wanna be a swimmer, you gotta get wet. If you wanna be a WWE wrestler, you gotta put needles in your ass.”

Brock Lesnar, a past and present WWE wrestler who won the heavyweight title during his brief Octagon run, failed his UFC 200 drug test back in summer 2016. He’s expected to rematch Velasquez in the “Crown Jewel” pay-per-view (PPV) event later this month in Saudi Arabia.

For much more on that upcoming showdown click here.

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